If you win at Startup Weekend Iasi


Guys, Startup Weekend Iasi is the greatest creative marathon of the year. In only 54 h you can start your own business . And for those of you who will have the blessing of our jury, amazing things will happen.

If you and your team will win the 3rd place, you guy will get: 1 part-time pass, for one month at The Grape, for the entire team and 1 free ticket (of 99 euros worth) at Central European Startup Awards (CESA)

If you and your team come on the 2nd place, we will give you 2 free tickets at CESA and a 3 days/week pass for one month, at The Grape

In case you will work your magic and you get the 1st prize, we have for you 3 free tickets at CESA and Unlimited pass for one month at The Grape.

And one more thing: we are searching for the best marketer at Startup Weekend Iasi. We promise to be gentle with him, no force or handcuffs will be used. We will just smile broadly and we’ll give him the prize: 250$ from MOO.com (for their wonderful products) and 1 free ticket at CESA.

Before you google CESA, this is what the event is all about: Central European Startup Awards is a series of events all through the region that will lead to a grand finale, an award ceremony held in Budapest on 30th May 2014, to crown the startup kings and queens of Central and Eastern Europe. Their goal is to bring the startup ecosystems closer together, and place the region on the map as a leading center for innovation.

These are the news for today. Meet you all on Friday, at 6pm, at Startup Weekend Iasi. Because the rule breakers need their playground!